About Programs

About Programs

We provide students with the opportunity to achieve academic and professional success in an international society by presenting a comprehensive and supportive educational experience.


School of Business

Concordia School of Business maintains a well defined purpose of polishing individual’s knowledge, professionalism and business perspective with the right attitude and character as they move towards the top of the ladder in the business industry.


School of Hospitality and Tourism Management

School of Hospitality and Tourism Management Introduction Concordia School of Hospitality and Tourism Management is designed to harness the students’ knowledge and skill and also develop their confidence, appearance and personality in order to enhance their capability in dealing with individuals or groups of people as they strive to provide excellent and incomparable world-class service.


School of Educations

The Concordia School of Education hones an individual’s capabilities in academe to prepare them for the competitive environment of the Education Industry.


School of Arts and Sciences

Concordia School of Arts and Sciences offers exceptional educational technology in communications, ensuring high quality education and experience-based method of teaching that will enhance the individuals’ verbal, mental and social interaction and comprehension. These courses aim to produce globally equipped professionals with excellent communication skills.


School of Health, Sports and Sciences

The Concordia School of Health, Sport and Exercise Sciences stresses the importance of good health and healthy lifestyle. It is designed to create an atmosphere that maintains equilibrium in mental and physical fitness as it teaches discipline, coordination, self-control in all facets of life. It provides instructional materials both on the theoretical and practical aspects of overall health as well as a lifelong habit of fitness that will strengthen the mind, body and whole well-being.