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Chinese meets English

Learn Chinese and English language simultaneously in our China O2O center. Enjoy the wholesome experience of culture and life in China together with your language study.


UK Diploma meets China

Level 4 and Level 5 is a UK university year 1 and year 2 program. Student can take Level 4 and 5 in China together with Chinese language study and transfer to the 3rd year(Top-up) of UK public university.

Degree meets Canada

Complete your Bachelor Degree in Canada through our Study&Travel-Degree meets Canada! After completing your Level4 and Level5 requirements, you can transfer to one of the campus in Canada to complete your BA degree through BA Top-up.


Master meets Canada

Complete your Master degree in Canada through our Study&Travel-Master meets Canada!

Master meets China

Complete your Master degree in China through our Study&Travel-Master meets China!